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  • To provide a medical transportation system available 24/7 that brings rapid, on-site emergency care to critically ill and/or injured patients.
  • To transport those patients from the scene or from community medical facilities to specialized treatment centers for definitive care.
  • To specialize in the air transport of pediatric patients.
  • To provide the California/Northern Nevada emergency medical services (EMS) community with specialized education and training in the initial resuscitation, stabilization and transportation of critically ill and/or injured patients.
  • To provide a cooperative, nonprofit health care organization model to be utilized throughout California/Northern Nevada and the nation.
  • To provide county EMS agencies assistance and input in developing helicopter ambulance utilization regulations in coordination with other county EMS pre-hospital care resources.
  • To provide educational programs for training first responders in helicopter operations, pre-hospital care and preparation of critical trauma patients for transport to trauma centers. Education and familiarization programs are also available for departments of both sending and receiving hospitals.

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