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CALSTAR headquarters is in McClellan California with bases located throughout Northern and Central California. If you are interested in pushing skills to new heights and are looking for a position to grow both personally and professionally, then CALSTAR is for you.

CALSTAR has immediate openings for the following positions:

Transfer Center Coordinator Trainee - McClellan, CA
Transfer Center Trainee - Bi-Lingual - McClellan, CA
Aircraft Technician - McClellan, CA
Base Aircraft Technician - Regional Float Merced County (New Location)
Base Aircraft Technician - Ukiah, CA
Chief Flight Nurse - Merced County (New Location)
Chief Flight Nurse - Modesto (New Location)
EMS Pilot - IFR Rotor - Gilroy, CA
EMS Pilot - IFR Rotor - Merced County (New Location)
Flight Nurse - Merced County (New Location)
Flight Nurse - Modesto (New Location)
Lead Pilot - Modesto (New Location)

Applications and Resumes are continuously accepted for the following positions:

Flight Nurse - FIXED WING - Sacramento
Flight Nurse - Rotor

CALSTAR is an equal opportunity provider and employer

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