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5835 Price Avenue
McClellan, CA 95652
Phone: 916.925.0359
Fax: 916.925.7869 fax

CALSTAR 70 (Fixed Wing Program) moved to its new McClellan Park crew quarters in November 2008. The new location houses CALSTAR's two Cessna 421 air ambulances, allowing for significantly shortened launch times and more responsive service to our patients and referral sources.

Through generous community funding, CALSTAR recently acquired a Voyager LightWeight Transport Incubator for specialized transports of neonatal patients. Incubators, also known as isolettes, help to maintain an ideal temperature and significantly reduce noise and vibration, providing a stable transport environment that is particularly important for babies weighing less than 10 lbs. With the unit itself weighing less than 120 lbs., the Voyager is the lightest infant transport system available and is ideal for air medical operations. Having a dedicated isolette will significantly improve CALSTAR's ability to respond to the needs of our tiniest patients.

All requesters, whether hospitals, HMOs, transport facilitators, or even other air medical transporting agencies will experience a new level of efficient service with CALSTAR.

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