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177 John Glenn Drive
Concord, CA 94520
Phone: 925.798.7670
Fax: 925.798.7798

CALSTAR 1, the “Original CALSTAR,” completed 223 patient transports in 1984, our first complete year of operation. In 1993, after basing at a number of Bay Area locations, CALSTAR 1 took up permanent residence at Buchanan Field Airport in Concord, Contra Costa County. We now carry more than twice the number of patients as we did in '84.

We operate the MD 902 helicopter, also known as the “Explorer,” which represents a significant advance in helicopter aerodynamics and technology. It provides excellent speed, payload capacity, and range. You'll also notice that it has no tail rotor! Instead, a powerful blower counters the torque of the main rotor and keeps the helicopter “in trim.” The decibel level is sharply reduced, and there is no danger of an errant responder, crewmember, or bystander being struck by a tail rotor. At the same time, the risk to the patients and crew members from the tail rotor striking an obstacle or the ground is eliminated. Inside, there is room for field versions of the same medical equipment found in the emergency room—oxygen, suction, ventilation, multi-function monitoring, and defibrillation—and there is even space to carry a second patient, if necessary.

While most calls come from Contra Costa, CALSTAR 1 also responds to Solano, Napa, Sonoma, Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Alameda counties. Numerous specialty care medical centers throughout this region serve as CALSTAR 1 destinations for critically ill patients who need services not available in their local hospitals.

For trauma victims, the trauma center at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek is our primary destination. However we are also regular callers at the trauma center at Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley and the pediatric trauma center at Children's Hospital in Oakland.

As part of this great nonprofit community service, CALSTAR 1 is committed to making a difference in our area beyond the safe completion of our life-saving mission. That's why our helicopter and crew are seen on display at community events such as the Art and Wind Festival in San Ramon, the Vertical Challenge in San Carlos, Airport Appreciation Day in Livermore, and the City of Antioch Safety Faire. We participate in disaster drills at Dow Chemical Pittsburg, Marin County Fire Dept., San Francisco Airport, Coast Guard Station San Francisco, Chevron Richmond Refinery, and Alameda County Fire Dept. And any parent of a high school upper classman will see our involvement in the “Every Fifteen Minutes” youth drinking/driving intervention program.

Of course we seek and appreciate great support back from the community. We are particularly grateful to:

Home Depot of Concord, Pittsburg, and San Ramon
WalMart of Pittsburg and Union City
Toyota Motor Sales
J.M. Long Foundation
USS Posco

Please let us know if you, or a group, corporation, or foundation you know would be interested in contributing or supporting our public benefit service. You or your group are welcome to schedule a visit to the base, talk to the crew, and inspect the helicopter. If you have an upcoming event, maybe we'll even be able to fly in. In addition, speakers are available for presentations to your civic or service organization. Of course, we're always available for in-service training sessions with public service agencies and emergency co-responders.

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